The Battle Ground @IBS

The environment, here at IBS Hyderabad, changes very fast. I am not talking about the weather here, its the environment that people creates here.

About one and half week ago, it was a time,where the aim of every individual at IBS was to watch curiously, out of 30 clubs which one gets the trophy for the “BEST MANAGED CLUB”. It was a fight for the best, where every club was interested in finding the mistakes of the other clubs and sharing jokes on them…might be just to demotivate them. The friends who used to sit next to each other in the classroom, became rivals, which can be seen right into their eyes. Pulling legs of each other became a common practice….but above all… YES !! we enjoyed in TRISHNA 2014, the Annual Management and Cultural Fest of IBS Hyderabad.

Right after Trishna, there seemed to be a fight for giving the best Farewell to the senior club members. Every club wanted to give their seniors the best Farewell. Hunting for the best place started, dates finalized before any other club does at the same place, arrangements done…. Farewell given !!

Now what?? Its the time for the seniors to go…but what about the positions they hold in the club ?? Yes.. its the time of handover. The fight that was between clubs, now turned out to be the fight between the members of the same club. Who will be the President, who will be the Vice President … chanting s are now in the air. Few members are happy with the decision while others are blaming, still as a matter of fact, everything remains the same as it was !!

Now the fight begins for the “BEST MANAGED CLUB” in TRISHNA 2015, with the new in-charges tightening their belt to have an edge right from the beginning...AFTERALL ITS “BMC” that MATTERS at the end !!




Growing our wealth involves changing the way we deal with money. It means accepting that we could be the victim of inefficient money management due to emotions and preconceived notions, and being prepared to address these flaws.
Here are some money management rules that will help to take control of our finances:

Handling “Surprise” Money sensibly:

 When you receive ‘surprise’ money such as an inheritance or a tax refund or a bonus from your employer, don’t spend it right away. Instead, place it in a cash/liquid fund or bank deposit. Tell yourself that this money will be available to you in couple of months. By the time this happens, you would consider this money as a saving not to be spent carelessly. Another way to avoid spending is by asking, “ How long would it take me to earn this money?” You will immediately assign a higher value to the money.

Brand does not mean better:
Do you know that brands like Nike don’t manufacture their own shoes? They get their products manufactured from small companies on Korea, China etc. All they do is brand the products as ‘Nike’. You can buy the same pair of shoes without the Nike brand name for about 1/10th of the price. Most brands follow this, that is they don’t manufacture. All brands do is encash one’s aspirations. Do you still want to buy brands? 

Keep only one credit card and that too with a lower limit: 

Having a credit card constantly offers the temptation to spend due to ‘easy availability’ of money. But, in present times, a credit card is a must because of the convenience and safety features. One way to reduce spending through credit card is to have a low spending limit. Set the limit based on your budget.

Keep a look out for discounts offers, sales etc. These are announced in daily publications. While planning
a purchase, check out the current prices. If the purchase can wait and a festival is round the corner, wait for festive discounts/offers when you can but at the lowest price.


You should spread your investments across different investment options within an investment category and across investment categories. This way, the chances of facing loss in overall investment portfolio comes down.

Account for Inflation:

Inflation has two effects on your money. It eats into your investing earnings and it increases your cost of living. While you cannot do much about your cost of living moving up, you do have control over your investment returns. Don’t fall in love with your investments. Your investments are simply investments. Don’t attach emotions to them. Treat them objectively. If you have to sell, sell. There is no love lost– only money gained. Always analyze the situation of the industry, the investment is part of, even if your grandfather was holding the same and passed on to you.

Don’t be overconfident:

People tend to believe that they have superior knowledge and investment skills. This results in making bad investment decisions. Unfortunately, when a mistake is committed, people tend to get over that very quickly by explaining the loss to
circumstances beyond their control, and continue to exercise their ‘superior’ knowledge and investment skills. Its always better to add risk to the expected return. If the risk is commensurate with the discounted loss and gain scenarios and it still make sense, then go ahead with the investment.

Don’t watch the market too closely:

Warren Buffet made a statement, “ After we buy a stock, consequently, we would not be disturbed if markets closed for a year or two.” Research has validated that those investors who don’t follow the market too closely, fare much better with their investments.

3.5 Months @TCS…My experience !!

In today’s job market changing career or going for a better opportunities have become more than an accepted price than ever before. But exiting a job doesn’t come with a series of emotions. Its good to remember that just like me, others will most likely move companies one day.

But trust me, first job and first salary has a different meaning.

Being in TCS, Pune for about three and half months(my first job), before I left on 16th April,2013, was a kind of different atmosphere that I have ever experienced so far. Lot many things I came to know about the real corporate world, how it works from the top level to the bottom level, how an organisation, with 2,60,000 plus associates, is managed.

Things that I have learnt: Change will embolden you, instead of unsettling you, provided you   master the ability to deal with it. Align with the change individually and collectively and be prepared to lead the changes, when the business needs it.

Most important, make work friends. We spent around 9-10 hrs a day, sometimes 24hrs, with our colleagues, more than the time we spend at home. I learned that one of the best ways to make work enjoyable was to make friends.  It helped that I worked with a great team of people who I would want to be friends with anyway, but taking lunch breaks together to chat and learn more about each other’s personal lives only strengthened those relationships.

A smile and hello in the hallway or small talk in the elevator can go a long way in building relationships. When you have a positive relationship with someone at work, it’s much easier to be efficient and get things done when you need help. Ask for help when you need it. Nobody wins an award for doing it all himself and there is nothing inherently wrong with asking for help. It takes both courage and humility to ask for assistance or to say “I don’t have the resources I need”. At least if you ask for help and ultimately fail you can say you did everything you could, but if you don’t the failure is completely your fault and you have no one to blame.

My Advice : Learn, learn and learn(apart from technical knowledge), look around, pause and think how the things are done , and all other things would follow. Grasp as much as you can and don’t miss out on any opportunity for “hands on experience.”

Before I leave…Durgapur !!

With almost a week left for me in Durgapur, feelings of nostalgic is on. Yes, exactly the same day next week, will be my last night in Durgapur, my Birth Place. The place where I had spend the crucial phase of my life, The 22 years !!.. Now its jarring, leaving place that I love. However determined you be, leaving is always a bittersweet. Bittersweet is not only for the place I am in, but also for those people, who accompanied me in these 22 years of my life in Durgapur. My childhood friends, my school friends, my college friends and above all my family..I think myself a bit lucky in this case as most of my friends left Durgapur for graduation around 4-5 years back, but I stuck to Durgapur. [ :)] But now, its time for me too, to follow the same path…Job calling dude, left with no option now. [ 😦 ].

Not to forget to mention….

those days with Gaurav, Arnab,Bhanu, Sahil, Sayantani, Subhalaxmi, Manavi,Anirban, Sayantan, Sourya [my pals…cycling in the roads of Durgapur for tuition, meeting at our adda at Wonder vatika #city centre, Playing 29 at Sourya’s house..endless moments!! ] ….

those days with Shubham, Ayush, Chandan, Samarendu, Santanu, Kaustav, [my comrades…tea at dhabas, unnecessary gossips, late night sleeps, always finding some reason for giving and taking treats, mind games, being a hero at back-zero in front, dreaming anything you feel like possible or not who cares…endless thoughts!!]…

to all my pals & comrades…

“I haven’t seen you in a while, yet I often imagine all your expressions. I haven’t spoken to you recently, but many times I hear your thoughts. Good friends must not always be together. It is the feeling of oneness, when distant that proves a lasting”

to some special ones [unnamed]:

“Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.”


ciao Durgapur, ciao ALL !!

Hope to see you all soon [world is round after all.]

Executed..a part of Justice done !!

Nothing else could have been a token of homage to those 166 people killed on 26/11, just before the fourth anniversary of the Mumbai Attack. Yes, it’s the execution of the only survivor gunman of 26/11, hanged today morning at 7:30 am, Yerawada jail, Pune. Probably, the best news that any Indian will like to hear with his morning tea.

Even though it took almost four years, but the decision came at the right time. Even though ‘the only alive gunman’ was given all his power to defend, including the mercy petition to the   President of India, but finally India proved that any kind of cross border anti social activity will not be tolerated at any cost and the person in act will surely and definitely be punished, to what extent can be concluded from today’s execution.

A special credit goes to the Government of India and concerned, who all carried out the whole process in a secrecy. As per the reports, only few personal knew (not even the PM) about the execution. Report says that ‘the gunman’ didn’t have any last wish, just he begged sorry to The Almighty for what he did, but Mr, Gunman, let me tell you,” you are running late.”

This Execution, is just a part of the justice done to those 166. All will be waiting for the same   , for those who where firing from behind the shoulders of ‘the gunman in news today’. That day it will be a real homage to the Heroes and to those innocent people who were killed on 26/11.

For Mr. Gunman…the saga ends, a journey to the Gallows.

Proud to be an Indian !!


Inflation dims DurgaPuja’12 enthu… or may be not !!

Durga Puja, the most happening festival of the Bengalis can be sensed with its spurt of fanfare on all the four days of the Durga Puja festival. This autumnal festival popularly known as Sharodotsav, recalls the power of female Shakti symbolized by the Goddess Durga who slays asura to reestablish peace and sanctity on earth again. Bengalis all over the world during these days of Durga Puja rejoice to their heart’s content reconnecting with friends and relatives. Durga Puja is an occasion when the familiar sound of Dhak, Dhunuchi nachh,the mild fragrance of Shiuli, gives a familiar tug to every Bengali heart.

But this Durga Puja was different, not in its flavor but in fashion. Reason being not the lack in enthusiasm but the increase in Inflation. The pre Durga Puja Sale Shopping could not attract the the money from the customer’s pocket. People faced the problems as the prices of most of the items like clothes, jewellery had increased by about 25 percent, resulting a dip in sale. Looking on to the other side, the Puja pandel committee (w.r.t. Durgapur area) were restricted with their budget which could easily be seen reflecting in the Pandel get up. Many a place where the pandel is famous for its background scenery behind the Durga idol, was found missing. Still adding to this exception , Marconi and fuljhore efforts were appreciated at large, and were found to be the most crowded.

On the other hand, the prices of the items in the stalls set up in the fair and the rides installed were nevertheless. Last the items that cost Rs. 15/- were found to be incremented by 10 and Rides from Rs. 25 to 30 were fixed at Rs. 40/- straight away.

Still there was no shortage of the people who could have loosen their pockets on the fun of Durga Puja, the most awaited festival through out the year especially in Bengal and the Bengalis. From the highways to the high profile restaurants, people have been seen standing in the queue for their turn to come. From samosas to rasogullas nothing was left to be put on the taste buds of the people in Bengal. Navami & Dasmi witnessed jam on the street.

Being the inflation standing at its high, ‘the people’  have stated waiting for the next year to come. The Enthu is still ON…!!

With Diwali ahead, Wishing you all a very happy Diwali .

Subho Bijoya !!


The power of ‘Smile’…!!

Like a flower with a pleasant scent, your smile can draw people close enough to see inside you. That’s Smile Power. A smile has the power to radiate the qualities that make you beautiful on the inside – kindness, friendship, honesty, respect, patience, and self-control.

Give smiles away like flowers. Let your smile be an invitation for others to get to know the great person behind the smile. Then let people see that your smile doesn’t stop at your mouth. It goes all the way to your heart.
Be like a flower. Let your Smile Power bloom!
Lets Enter Smiling:
What is the best way to walk into a crowded room by yourself? The answer is simple: take something very important with you – a smile.
Wearing a smile when you are among strangers is the best way to invite them to get to know you. A smile sends a message that you are friendly and easy to like. It tells people that you have a positive outlook and that you are smiling and attractive on the inside.
Your face is the first thing people look at when they meet you for the first time, so why not let it advertise what a great person you are? Why not turn on your Smile Power?
Now let’s talk about using Smile Power in a room full of strangers. Do you know how to mingle? It’s really not that hard, especially if the first thing that people see is a smile on your face. Look around the room until you see a group of people who look interesting – looking for other smiles is a good place to start. When you spot a group of friendly looking people, go up to them and say, “Hi.” Then tell them your name. You may want to ask a question, such as, “I’m new to this place. What should I do to be a part of what’s happening here?” People love to give advice, so you will give them a chance to be friendly toward you if you ask a question like this.
If you find that this group is unfriendly or doesn’t share your interests, tell them it was nice meeting them and move on. Sooner or later you’ll find people whom you want to be around and who will welcome you to their group. The secret is letting your Smile Power shine through.
So keep Smiling…Keep laughing!!

From the Mind(S) of Manavi … Memorable GOA Trip !!

Why the ‘S’ after the word ‘Mind’. Though a person has only one of its kind but in case of my friend Manavi, I have to write. Any thought generated from her mind is passed in to ours for approval. So its not the single mind of hers but a cluster of the same. So its Mind(S).

Once such very close to my heart incident is the ‘the GOA trip planning’ which though erupted in Manavi’s mind but we too were carried away by the same…”the same mind(S) case”….

In the evening while at home I was copying down my assignment, my phone rang..ohh its Manavi..long time since we had a talk. After few formal gossips, my dear Manavi banged with the suggestion of going to Goa after the final semester, a kind of friends get-together…But Goa ..waoo..beach area.. But i could not make out whether she was asking my opinion or informing me that I was in.

Manavi: I had a talk with almost all of our friends and they are kinda ready for the same.

Me:  Who are ready?

Manavi: Everyone.. but yet Sahil, Puneet, Harsh, Bhanu, Arnab, Animesh are left.

I could not make out whom has she informed and who is in. Anyways I told her that OK i will talk to Arnab and Sahil. You talk to others. Fine, I called Arnab ( 1 of the 100 phone calls he attends…)..

Arnab:  Haan bol

Me: Manavi is planning something about Goa after final semester. 

Arnab: Cool hai…

Me: to tera sure hai na…

Arnab: Haan.. kaun kaun ja raha hai? Girls mei kaun hai?

Me: I think  Manavi only.

Arnab: abe, tab to muskil hoga..ek ladki ko le jana, kuch ho gaya to .. usko bol kuch aur ladkiyon ko sath chalne like Khushboo. 

Arnab was right at one place. So I told him, will inform her. Meanwhile I contacted Sahil and he was in.

In december we met at our ‘adda’ and started planning. By then, a rough date around 10th June was fixed and a beach guest house was planned to book. Leaving via flight and returning via train. I and Arnab was supposed to do all the concern the bookings. Everything was planned and was waiting to be executed. Then the concern “Manavi Alone”…. After lot many discussions, slowly everyone started stepping back, first one being Arnab himself. The plan came to a hault and still its on the same place. And then Manvai gave this wonderful reaction:


Things started by MANAVI ended up with “MANAVI Alone…!!”….. 


U want an Educated wife??… An Old man’s Question

Yesterday while returning from Kolkata, I met an old person sitting beside me, in the train.He asked me a question, “You want an educated wife?” I was a bit confused. What exactly he wanted to ask.  Then he started….

An  outstanding success in life depends upon the union of man and women. One without the other is only incomplete half. That is why the women/wife has been called the better half of a man in our religious books. An  educated wife is a permanent asset. In long struggle of life, she is a good companion, who at times helps, guides and consoles her husband. Sometimes the husband is thrown out of employment and the problem of bread and butter becomes acute. Then an educated wife comes to the rescue of the family in tiding over the economic crisis. Secondly an educated wife produces intelligent children (what a logic behind it, i don’t know).

But, you know what my boy, an educated wife is not an unmixed blessings. An educated wife needs better clothes, cosmetics and other necessary things to add to her beauty, to keep herself up-to-date in fashionable living. She tries to dominate her husband and tries to assert herself in all the matters related to the family. Instead of being an asset, she becomes a headache. Modern education is not out and out useful to Indian women because it is the legacy to the British rule. An Indian wife should be obedient, sacrificing and simple. Sometimes, an educated wife fails to understand this and makes the home  a hell.

Huh!!…. By that time I reached my station “Durgapur”. Thank god!!  And I got off the train.

I still think what did he see in me that he was telling me those things (is it fact ??) . Are they real facts !!  PONDER !! 

Life Is a Race…with no end !!

Something reminds me of the very popular dialogue from the movie ‘ 3 Idiots ‘ , where Mr. Virus states “LIFE IS A RACE”. I will tell you all guyz what’s that “something” is.

The day you are born, you stand on the racing track. So was I. My journey started from the my first school THE APEX SCHOOL. I was the topper of my class [have proofs..jokes apart ;)] and with passing days the dreams of my father started to increase. I was enjoying my school life, being everyone’s favorite, without knowing the fact that I was like the horse who was being trained for a long race. Anyways, I left the school after completion of my KG standard.

Standard I, DAV MODEL SCHOOL, a new race track with new competitors. Was my written admission test,Father said, ” Beta, you have to do it.”  ok fyn !!  I gave the written test and was selected for the interview. Was happy. Interview was on the next day. Next morning, I was ready, neat and clean, black shoes with white socks (shocks rather !!). Father came and said,” Beta you have to do it.” Ok fyn !! Had my interview in the presence of the principal, 2-3 teachers , my mom and MY FATHER !!  The next day, the selected students list was on the notice board and my name was there. Was happy again.

So my school days started again. Standard I, II, III…and years after years passed. When i was in class VIII, we used to have a board exam conducted by DAV CMC. Ohh !! board !!..  i was in tension and so my father. Just before the few months pf the board exam, father said (this time something different, though it had the same meaning),” BAS KUCH MAHINO KI TO BAAT HAI, PHIR BOARD KHATAM, u can do it.”  ok fyn !!  Expecting that its a matter of only few months, I appeared for the board exam. The day my exam completed I felt relaxed and said good bye board exam.. get lost !!

Standard IX father enforcing padho, padho. Things in life and books were getting difficult and difficult. Was not able to understand why we all were ordered to fill so many damn forms, which was related to class X.  When I asked to my teacher, I was told that these forms are for the board exams that we will be appearing in class X. whaatt ?? it’s still more than a year for board exams to come, then why from now !! Actually, it was the starting of our training, for the horses like us to race in the board exams. Can’t relax!!

Standard X, the very first day, my dad,” Class X ka result life mei baht mayene rakhta hai, puri life espe based hai, futute mei jo v karoge class X ka result hi sab jagah value rahega.” Now its the question of life.. time to be very serious!! So was I.    Month of February, board exams knocking at the door, papa said,” beta, u can do oi.” ok fyn !! Expecting this board to be the life’s last one, I gave the my board exams. Result also declared. Now relax.

Next day father came and asked ,” So Science hi lena hai- bio ya computer.” So Science was fixed with bio or comp as alternatives.  Took bio (dn’t knw why). AND AGAIN THE RACE for higher degree with XIIth board started. (again the board). IIT-JEE, AIEEE, WBJEEE etc. etc. were in the air and we, the racing horses, used to run like mad from coaching center to other , after the school, weekends, holidays. Everyone expecting,” IITJEE to clear karna hi hai”. As if IIT koi fruit hai, jake tode ke le aao.

Finally, WBJEE and took admission in my B.Tech degree. Ab to koi tension nh. Life to ban gayi. Father next day,” ache se padho, warna naukri nh milegi.” ok fyn !! 4 years passed and it was the month of campusing. TCS to come, the only trusted company of my college. And with past records it has selected 7 grads only from my department. So race begins to be in the 7 grads selected by TCS. Father said,” Bahar jake sob search karna aur v muskil hoga agar TCS nh mila to. Competition aur v jyada hoga, its your golden chance, you can do it.” ok fyn !! Appeared on campus drive and was selected in TCS. Again 7 grads from my department and I was one of them.

Chalo aab to naukri mil gayi. Ab koi tension nh. Life settle. Sab khush, Main v khush.

After a few days, ” TCS k salary se duniya kaise chalaoge. baht muskil hai jina es mehgai mei, kuch bachega v nh.” ok fyn !! now what to do….

MBA is the ultimate option I got (as per my interest) and on 20th Oct. 2012 , I am going to appear for CAT…..

…………… THE RACE CONTINUES ………..  dn’t know when will it end !!!

horse doesn’t know why it runs in race.It runs bcoz of beats and pain. Life is a race. God is your rider.